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Google Maps Quote Calculator

A jQuery Map Plugin For Distance Based Online Quotes

Provide instant automatic quotes from your website.

Suitable for Couriers, Delivery Services, Removal Companies and any transportation businesses who charge based on distance or travel time.

Newly released For 2017: TransitQuote - The Google Maps Quote Calculator WordPress Plugin

Looking for a quote calculator for your WordPress website?

Our Google Maps transportation quote calculator is now available as a flexible and easy to install WordPress Plugin in two varieties from Custom Google Map Tools.

TransitQuote Lite

  • Provide your customers with an instant on screen quote automatically
  • Set your rates, currency, map options and more from the WordPress Dashboard
  • Generate customer quotes based on distance, travel time, flat fees within distance boundaries or any combination of the above.

TransitQuote Pro

  • Provide your customers an automatic quote on screen and by email.
  • Your business recieves an instant notification of new job requests recieved on your website along with full job details and the quote.
  • View all incoming job requests and customer details from the WordPress Dashboard.

No WordPress? No Problem

Our jQuery Google Maps Quote Calculator is still available here for free.

Google Maps Quote Calculator

  • Provide your customers with an instant on screen quote automatically
  • Give your customers confidence in your delivery service by displaying the exact pick up and drop off addresses on a google map
  • You customers can quickly, easily and accurately enter addresses with a type-ahead drop down address search box
  • Charge by distance or estimated travel time
  • Include optional surcharge
  • Populate the final quote into your website order form so your customers can order from you immediately

Use the power of online mapping technology to give your visitors a great first impression and an accurate service.

Latest Release: Version 2 - Now Available

New In This Release

  • Google Places Autocomplete Address Search for Pick Up and Drop Off locations
  • Simplified Configuration Options
  • New Set Up Services available to have this configured, customized and added to your website for you

Choose for the download and set up options here:

Get The Quote Calculator

Online Route, Distance and Quote Calculators

Courier companies, taxi companies and any other kind of transportation services can:

  • Give customers the ability to choose and see on the map their required pick up and drop of points and have the confidence that they are have been correctly communicated.
  • Calculate the distance, estimated travel time and route for customers or operational staff.
  • Use this information to automaticaly generate quotes and estimates for transportation services

Full Screen Map Based Websites

Some of the most impressive uses of online maps use full screen maps with overlays which turn the map in to the interface through which the visitors explore the website.

If you work with travel or location a full screen map is the easiest way for your visitor to discover and visualise places, locations and make decicions like where to go on holiday or where to go for a night out.

Gving your visitors the ability to explore your data on a map is powerful when you want to show the global or local scale of a project, social issue or even a music scene.

Directions, Property Listings and Confidence

For businesses with many properties, displaying your premises on a map will help your customers see you as an established and reliable organisation with many points of contact.

Even businesses with only one premises will inspire trust and confidence in customers by helping them visualise your online website as a real physical place.

The Google Directions API will even give your customers step by step directions from their location to yours just like a GPS.