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WordPress Sell Photo

Sell Photos From Your WordPress Website

WP Sell Photo is a free WordPress plugin designed to help photographers accept payment and orders for photography on their own website.

Start selling photos in minuites with simple and fast set up and price management.


  • Easy for the photographer to set up without technical knowledge
  • Multiple formats and prices can be offered for each picture
  • No up front payments are needed to get started
  • No need to sign up with or upload pictures to a 3rd party company other than your payment gateway
  • WordPress built in post types and categories are used for pricing instead of having to duplicate the categories for your online store
  • All image posts can be automatically have a price attached for selling without having to set up a product page for each individual photograph
  • Buy buttons are set up as WordPress widgets to they can be added to the side bar of any theme with drag and drop
  • A default price is set for each format which can be overridden per photograph or per image
  • PayPal payments accepted as the default payment gateway

Version 1 Release February 2015

After feedback from the beta version the first official release of WordPress Sell Photo is almost ready.

You can preview the new Admin panel and find out about future plans for the plugin in this blog post.

If you would like to try version 1 of the plugin and help to shape future versions with your feedback then please leave your email in the box below to recieve the release first.

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