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About Creative Transmissions

The mission of Creative Transmissions is to help you achieve the recognition and success you deserve by helping you set up the perfect online home base for your creative work.

Creative Transmissions will help you overcome the barriers that are preventing you from reaching your fans around the world.

Technology, time and money are no longer your problem. It' time to step up, be recognised and let opportunity find you.


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About Andrew van Duivenbode

I'm a website designer and developer from Scotland with a deep love of music and a fascination with new technology and how it changes our society and the world.

I believe creativity is one of the most important aspects of life.

We all have a unique view of the world around us and when we bring something new into the world - whether it's a song, a picture an article or even a website - we create from our own perspective which is something nobody else can do.

There is nothing more rewarding than producing work which you look back at as being "just right". For me the process of creating or building and seeing something take shape is also a pleasure in itself and as much of a reward as the finished item.

I started Creative Transmissions after seeing many talented people produce great work which never leaves the confines of the studio, even though it's now so easy to share what you produce with the world.

I feel it's my duty as someone who is "good with computers" to help bridge the gap between creative individuals focused on their craft and the rest of the Internet connected world that is just waiting for the next song, photograph or work of art so they can admire it, buy it or use it in their own creative project.

I have immersed myself in learning about technology and website development through my degree in Internet technologies and IT and development jobs with Ernst & Young, the Scottish Qualification Authority and Burn Stewart Distillers.

Going into business myself was the next logical step. With Creative Transmissions I hope to make the most difference by helping people get their creative ideas onto the web and helping their fans to find them.

Creative Transmissions

Andrew van Duivenbode
Proprietor, Creative Transmissions