Creative Transmissions

Websites and Online Services for the Electronic Dance Scene

Creative Transmissions is on a mission is to create the perfect websites for DJs, Music Producers, Clubs and Record Labels.

It's time to inspire new fans with new music and fuel the fires of future musical creativity.

More Fans, Bigger Events, More Support For Your Music.

These are the primary goals of most websites in the electonic dance scene.

You can make these things happen with a well thought out website. Your website is:

  • The hub of your online promotional strategy. Where it all happens and where you have total control.
  • Where you inspire your fans and where your fans support your creativity.
  • Capable of engaging your fans like a performance with the intelligent integration of your music and media.
  • The one definitive place on the web for all information about your project. All Google searches lead here.

Client Highlight: Murge Recordings

Home Page

A website to raise awareness of this new house label and contributing artists.

Podcast Page: All podcasts can be streamed, downloaded and shared via social networks.

Responsive design: The website reconfigures to on the small screen to present an easy to use mobile experience.

Graphic Design: Illustrated banners created by Vectraits grab the attention and give the website atmosphere.

Release Management: Release information can be entered in advance in the Promoter CMS so the new release is automatically becomes the focal point of the home page as soon as the release date occurs.

Specialist Services

Creative Transmissons is developing an ever growing list of features, components and services for building a website that your fans will love and that runs like a dream for you.

If you have an idea for a custom feature for your website, let us know to make it happen.

Music While You Browse

The experience of browsing your website can go beyond looking up infomation.

Using a technique similar to Soundcloud's recent upgrade you can have your best music play without interupption as your fans explore your website.

Use the power of your music to create an online experience you visitors won't want to leave.

Promotor CMS

Developed to provide an easy way to manage information about events, DJs, artists, discographies and supporting media.

Content such as even information will automatically update as events are reached via a queuing system. Audio, video and other media can be easily uploaded in batches using drag and drop.

Mailing List Integration

A mailing list is currently the best way to connect with fans.

Integrate your websites contact forms with your mailing list provider or have your visitors automatically update by email when new information is posted on your site.

Social Media Integration

Your music, event information and news posts are ideal for sharing.

Allow fans to invite their social network to a club or share your latest release promo for you.

Use social proof to your advantage by pulling in praise from your Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud comments.